University of Hawaii at Hilo

Natural Sciences Division

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Sebastian J. Bronner


B.S. Astronomy, minor in Physics (class of 2008)

  • Clubs:
    • Astronomy Club
    • International Students Association
  • Now:
    • Systems Administrator in Bielefeld (Germany)
    • Masters Student in Computer Science at the FernUniversit√§t in Hagen
  • Places:
    • Arizona, Hawaii, Germany, Tanzania, Ethiopia
  • Bio:
    • My parents were part German (father) and part American (mother). My childhood was spent in southern Germany, but I attended High School in Arizona. I didn't decide to study Astronomy right away. I spent a couple of years making good money delivering Pizza. But after reading a couple of books by Carl Sagan, I developed a desire to dig deeper. After the UHH, I moved back to Germany, where certain lingering questions from studying astronomy combined with changes I saw in people's lives around me, convinced me to believe in the existence of a God, and finally Jesus. That changed my perspective on life, but not my aptitudes. I have since worked as a systems administrator at a hosting company, started studying computer science in a master's program, gotten married to a Finnish/German, and had a son. He is now 6 months, and I am enjoying being a father very much.
  • Why UHH Astronomy:
    • I was attracted by the vicinity to "telescope city" on Mauna Kea. I figured that being close to professional astronomy institutions would enrich the course of study.
  • Advice:
    • The best thing I did was to accept an invitation to try and go surfing. I was horrible at it, and I never caught a wave, small or big. But I gained a friend with such a different perspective on life that she helped me lose my fear of being myself.
    • The worst thing I did was focus on my girlfriend so much that I no longer had the time, sleep, or energy to make the most of my studies. There's nothing with having a girlfriend, but she should not be the center of it.
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