University of Hawaii at Hilo

Natural Sciences Division

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Kyle Steckler

B.S. Astronomy, B.A. in Physics, Minor in Math (Class of 2019)

Where are you/What are you doing now:

I work in Mtn. View, California as a machine learning technical trainer for Google. I'm teaching partners and fellow Googlers how to implement and utilize machine learning at scale with Google Cloud Platform.

Areas of Specialty:

Machine learning, Tensorflow, Python

Places you have worked:

I frequently travel to London, New York, Austin, and Toronto to teach machine learning courses.  

Brief Bio:

I was born and raised in the Seattle area and have always had a passion for research and technology. As early as high school I had a strong interest in Astronomy, which led me to UH Hilo. I spent wonderful years there and made great connections through my college career. I got involved with astronomy research early on, and was able to develop coding skills thanks to the dedicated professors. I'm now applying many of the skills I learned at UH Hilo to teach machine learning to people around the world. 

What attracted you to UH Hilo Physics and Astronony:

The Big Island of Hawaii is the best place on Earth for Astronomy. I figured that going to school at UH Hilo would allow me to participate in cutting edge research as an undergraduate, and it absolutely did. All the professors in the Astronomy & Physics department are conducting awesome research and provide many opportunities for students to get involved. 

Advice to prospective students:

H Hilo is the place to go if you're passionate about Astronomy and/or Physics and want to contribute to cutting edge research as an undergraduate. The professors are dedicated to serving the students and create a wonderful learning environment - I cannot recommend the Astronomy/Physics programs highly enough. Also, Hilo gets it's fair share of beautiful, sunny beach days - but make sure to bring an umbrella as well :-) 

Email: (feel free to reach out if you're a prospective student and want to hear more about my time at UH Hilo)

Kyle Steckler at Google
  • (Updated August 12, 2019)