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UH Hilo Students Work at KECK.


December 8th, 2017

Group picture of UHH Astronomy students at Keck

Dr. Thayne Currie from Subaru Observatory invited UHH students Kevianna Adams (right) and Mitchell Rudisel (center) and UHH alumnus Jasmin Silva (left) for an observing run with Keck using the NIRC2 camera coupled with Keck's adaptive optics system. They observed stars to imaged planets.


Low res image of Kappa Andreomedae shown in NIRC2 image

During the observing run of Dr. Currie and UHH students on December 8, they observed kappa Andromedae shown in the NIRC2 image. In 2012, Dr. Currie's group using the Subaru Telescope discovered a faint companion around this star that may be a massive planet (about 13 times the mass of Jupiter) called "kappa Andromedae b." The group detected this companion on the Keck image at about the 5 o'clock position. Their new Keck data will help better constrain both the orbit and the atmosphere of kappa Andromedae b.