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The mission of the UH Hilo physics program is to provide students with a rigorous, high-quality foundation in physics. The primary goal is to prepare students for graduate studies, for work as professional physicists, or for careers in secondary education, engineering and just about any technical or scientific fields. Our program supports the liberal arts mission of the University by providing general education courses for all students and service courses for the natural sciences and pre-health fields. The physics program has, and actively seeks, partnerships with other UH Hilo STEM programs. Although a quality undergraduate education is the focus of our degree, our faculty, together with our students, conduct original research and make substantial contributions to community education and service on the Big Island.


Program Learning Outcomes


The B.A. program in physics is designed to develop student mastery of concepts and problem-solving skills in:

Further Goals for Student Learning

Graduates are also expected to:

We will strive to provide every opportunity for our students to:


Physics Degree Program


The initial two years of the program consist largely of general education courses that are part of a traditional liberal arts education, as well as basic physics and mathematics. The junior and senior years are largely devoted to advanced physics and math coursework, as well as a senior thesis project.

Four-Year Academic MAP (2019-2020):

Physics four year academic map 2019-2020





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Got questions? Prospective students can get more information about the Physics and Astronomy programs at UH Hilo by contacting the UH Hilo Department chair, Dr. Kathy Cooksey.

Students work with Dr. Jesse Goldman on a Muon detector experiment from the ocean to the top of Mauna Kea