The University of Hawai'i at Hilo Physics and Astronomy program is always looking for ways to support and promote our undergraduate students. We have three focus areas that you can be a part to support students in the fields of Physics and Astronomy. QR Code for astronomy equipment and supplies fund


Astronomy Equipment and Supplies Fund.

The astronomy equipment and supplies fund provides for equipment and supplies for astronomy and telescope repair and maintenance. Donations have included specific items, such as a Schmidt cassegrain telescope and an OceanOptics two channel Jaz spectrometer or funds in our general foundation account. Funds donated can be for specific items of interest, or a general donation.


QR Code Astronomy Student Travel and Research Fund.

Astronomy Student Travel and Research Fund.

This fund supports faculty and undergraduate astronomy research projects, especially those involving observing on Mauna Kea. Such observing typically requires transportation and accommodation expenses of about $150-200 per night per person, including an additional 24-hour acclimation period as the observatory is over 13,000 feet above sea level.



Physics and Astronomy Student Enrichment Fund.QR Code Physics and Astronomy Student Enrichment Fund.

The student enrichment fund has been setup to enhance and enrich the learning experiences for full-time students majoring in Physics and Astronomy to emphasize development in experimental physics, electro-optics, laser studies, and optical astronomy. These funds have also supported a number of visiting speakers in the sciences for the community outreach to the general public. Speakers have been from numerous places across our planet speaking on a wide range of topics, ranging from community development in South Africa to permafrost on Maunakea, Maunaloa the moon, mars and asteroids. Copies of these presentations as well as photos of student enrichment activities can be found at our website, These funds support a wide range of opportunities for students in the sciences.

In addition others proud sponsors of our students are

  1. Richard A. Crowe Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  2. Daniel K. Inouye in Astronomy Scholarship
  3. William and Betty Steiger Physics & Astronomy Scholarship
  4. Subaru Telescope Success Scholarship

Your support can be done as a one time tax deductible gift, or as a regular monthly contribution. Support the Physics and Astronomy program at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo today, help to support our future scientists.

Select of of the three links above, or contact the University of Hawai'i foundation office at <>.

Or by mail

University of Hawaiʻi Foundation 2444 Dole Street Bachman Hall 105 Honolulu Hawai‘i 96822.

  1. 123-8450-4, UH Hilo Astronomy equipment and supplies fund
  2. 121-8740-4, UH Hilo Astronomy student travel & research fund
  3. 124-4130-4, UH Hilo Physics and astronomy enrichment fund