1990−2023 Grand Total:
133 B.S. Astronomy; 99 B.A. Physics; 48 dual degrees



★ Hannah Blue ★ Edward Cashman ★ Ryan Foley ★ Logan Gamble ★ Keith Lyons ★Angelu Ramos ★ Franccessca Scheckel ★ Aidan Walk


★ Kelsey Foreman-Bunting (B.A. Physics) ★ Nevan Lowe (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kim (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Taishi Nammoto (B.A. Physics) ★ David Pitman (B.A. Physics) ★ Andrea Waiters (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics)


★ Amy Brittain (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Samuel Rowan (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Clara Scheidle (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Patrice Smith (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Dallas Tada (B.A. Physics)


★ Maria Isabel Carretero Duran (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Seneca Cox (B.A. Physics) ★ Kenji Emerson (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Austin Jennings (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Chantelle Kiessner (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Mitchell Rudisel (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Sabrina Shores (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kyle Steckler (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Tino Wells (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics)


★ Cooper Howlett (B.A. Physics) ★ Joshua Kirker (B.A. Physics) ★ Sally Lau (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Adam Mills (B.A. Physics) ★ Theodore Pruyne (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics)


★ Jennie Berghuis (B.A. Physics) ★ Callie Crowder (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Leinani Lozi (previously Alyssa Leinani Grace) (BA Psychology, Astronomy Minor, Biology Minor) ★ Alexander Hedglen (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kyle Napoleon (B.A. Physics) ★ Jasmin Silva (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Travis Thieme (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Niki Thomas (Minor Astronomy)


★ Cale Clementson (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Wilfred Gee (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Derek Hand (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Casey Jones (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kristen Laguana (B.S. Astronomy) ★ E'lisa Lee (B.S. Astronomy, minors in physics and Japanese studies) ★ Stephanie Mapes (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Nicollette Peak (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Krystal Schlechter (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kevin Silva (B.A. Physics)


★ Jordan Concannon (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Christopher Funada (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Casey Kyte (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kana Okuyama (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Emily Peavy (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Robert Ponga (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kevin Silva (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Alya Amirah Binti Azman (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Benjamin Browning (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Ahia Dye (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Andrew McNichols (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Robert Pipes (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Cameron Ross Wipper (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Rebecca Carpenter (B.A. Physics) ★ Dorothy Fukushima (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Briana Hurley (B.A. Physics) ★ Michael Ritter (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics)


Robert Albarran (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Daniel Berke (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kevin Cross (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Ian Cunnyngham (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kimberly Emig (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Katherine Hall (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Elizabeth Quilinquin (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Kimberly Brenton (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Michealene Iaukea-Lum (B.A. Physics) ★ William Montgomerie (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Erik Moore (B.A. Physics) ★ Emmanuel Nunez (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Alexander Richert (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Eldridge Shay (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Omega Smith (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Ian Suen (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Lee Wooten (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics)


★ Kei-wing Karen Chan (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Luke McKay-Jones (B.A. Physics) ★ Sophie Milam (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Anthony Ridenour (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Nathan Secrest (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Merrell Tucker (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Toni Van Pelt (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Mackenzie Blanchard (B.A. Physics) ★ Kimberly Bott (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Denny Dement (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Justin Goo (B.A. Physics) ★ Ata Khan (B.A. Physics) ★ Hiroko Komiyama (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Thomas Schneider (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Justin Stevick (B.S. Astronomy) ★ David Trang (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Kotaro Uchida (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Samuel Benigni (B.A. Physics) ★ Jennie Berghuis (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Sebastian Bronner (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Jamie Cookson (B.A. Physics) ★ Isaac Crosson (B.A. Physics) ★ Christopher Finnegan (B.S. Astronomy, B.A. Physics) ★ Jan Gray (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Dirk Haldeman (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Solomon Ho (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Heather Kaluna (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Melissa Murphy (B.A. Physics) ★ Seth Sloan (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Sarah Stoebner (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kanako Takao (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Houston Wade (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Hazel Butler (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Bronson Dekoning (B.A. Physics) ★ Anke Hackmann (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Sarah Knights (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Anne Michels (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Katsuhiko Saito (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kaleina Scott (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Joshua Williams (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Michael Young (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Benjamin Berkey (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Dan Bolton (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Eli Bressert (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Raphael Chenault (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Michelle Darrah (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Michiharu Hyogo (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Robert Knight (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kawailehua Kuluhiwa (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kumino Miura (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Thabiti Sabahive (B.A. Physics) ★ Tomohiro Shimura (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Sunny Stewart (B.S. Astronomy) ★ John Swatek (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Dylan Terry (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Ching Ping Wang (B.A. Physics) ★ Ryan Wojcicki (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Joshua Bryant (B.A. Physics) ★ Lida Buster (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Samuel Johnson (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Alexander MacIver (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Danielle Palmese (B.S. Astronomy) ★ David Plant (B.S. Astronomy) ★ John Rader (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Hastings Read (B.A. Physics) ★ Jarmila Ruzicka (B.A. Physics) ★ Jonathan Thomas (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Caroline Bergstrom (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Philippe Binder (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Alexandre Bouquin (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Serette Kaminski (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Arash Steindamm (B.A. Physics)


★ Roberto Avila (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Circe Carr (B.A. Physics) ★ Alanna Garay (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Nicholas Okamoto (B.A. Physics)


★ Jennifer Halsted (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Ogden Ingalls (B.A. Physics) ★ Anthony Matulonis (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Masayuki Mochinaga (B.S. Astronomy) ★ Kevin Sweeney (B.A. Physics)


★ Katherine Hawarden-Ogata (B.A. Physics) ★ Park Mcgraw (B.A. Physics) ★ Michael Oldfather (B.S. Astronomy)


★ Jennifer Okada (B.A. Physics)


★ Po-Yan Chiu (B.A. Physics) ★ Jared Chiu-Rourman (B.A. Physics)


★ Hien Le (B.A. Physics) ★ Stephen Steele (B.A. Physics) ★ Mavourneen Wilcox (B.A. Physics)


★ Dung Chi (B.A. Physics) ★ Paula Morgan (B.A. Physics) ★ Thomas Nishino (B.A. Physics) ★ Hiroyuki Sunagawa (B.A. Physics)


★ Normand Dionne (B.A. Physics) ★ Erin Thompson (B.A. Physics) ★ M. Wack (B.A. Physics)


★ Jon Hayashi (B.A. Physics)


★ John Gathright (B.A. Physics)

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